Spring is here! How's your view?

Spring is here, finally!

Now that the sun is shining again I want to share a little bit about why it's so important to clean your windows at least once, if not twice, a year and why it's best to let a professional take care of the task for you.

So the biggest question, why clean my windows at all? Dirt can't hurt, right? Not exactly. Neglecting your windows allows dirt and debris to build up to a point where it can actually etch into the glass and cause scratching. Tempered or coated glass is especially susceptible to scratching and needs attention more often to prevent build up.

If you open your windows, that built up dirt and debris can blow into your home and negatively affect your in-home air quality and respiratory health. Plus, keeping a clean view just boosts your mood overall!

If you're a business, dirty windows are less inviting and can make customers feel less comfortable. Clean windows help maintain your overall "neat and tidy" business image and keep customers coming back again and again.

Ok, so keeping your windows clean is important for their longevity, in-home air quality, and (if your a business) customer satisfaction. But why hire a professional?

The most important reason is proper, safe ladder use. Every year in the U.S. there are a little over 160k ER treated injuries and 300 deaths caused by ladder falls! Hiring an insured cleaning professional is a much safer bet. They are well-practiced and less likely to have an accident than a homeowner who uses a tall ladder maybe 2-3 times/year.

It's also important to consider hiring a chemical-free company. There are so many different cleaners on the market and a majority of them contain chemicals not only hazardous to the environment but to our health as well. While many cleaners labeled "green" or "natural" STILL containing harmful chemicals, it can be really hard to tell which ones are truly safe. A company that really cares will be able to talk with you knowledgeably about which products they use and why they're safe.

Tempered glass or Low-E glass requires special considerations. A professional is going to be able to recognize different window types and know the correct product and method to use to get them looking their best while maintaining their integrity. Using the wrong product or incorrect method can void warranties, scratch, or otherwise damage these windows.

Health and safety concerns aside, hiring a professional is going to save you time and enable you to spend your well-earned time off doing things you actually enjoy! A well-practiced window cleaner has an effective, established routine that leaves no streaks and no mess. Most even offer a streak-free guarantee.

Spots to Sparkles just so happens to offer such a guarantee! Give us a call or send in a quote request form from our website at www.spotstosparkles.com/windows for an in-person consultation and estimate. Let's keep those windows in great shape and let in some of that long-awaited Spring sun!

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