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What We Do

We offer flexible, customizable cleaning services for businesses too! We typically require a deep cleaning (or overdue if it's been a while); then, a routine cleaning to keep your office fresh and ready for business.

Routine Cleaning

Most businesses need a deep cleaning on their first visit; then, we can continue with routine visits. A routine cleaning includes dusting or polishing of surfaces, thoroughly sanitizing the kitchen and bathrooms including counters, sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets, sanitizing light switches and door knobs, cleaning mirrors, spot cleaning cabinet fronts, and vacuuming and mopping floors.

We do not do dishes, organize, or do heavy lifting. Upon request, we can spot clean windows, vacuum furniture, clean inside closets, and clean inside the oven or refrigerator. If you have a request not mentioned above, just ask!

Deep Cleaning

A deep cleaning includes all of the above in addition to ceiling fans and high dusting which can safely be reached with a step-ladder and our extension tools, dusting vents, thoroughly cleaning cabinet fronts, baseboards and spot cleaning of wall, door, carpet, and rug stains.

An overdue cleaning is for those tougher deep cleans that have years of thick dust and built-up grime. 

After a deep cleaning, most choose to continue with routine service. Keeping up with regularly scheduled routine cleanings makes it easy for us to maintain those deeper cleaning items so you won't have to have a deep cleaning again. We can do weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We can keep a regular or varied schedule and we'll even remind you if you'd like! 

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